Carolyn Gage

November 7, 2020

Carolyn Gage

Book Signing and Play Reading!

Carolyn Gage will be reading her short play 52 Pickup in it’s entirety.

“I think it is the best short play I have ever read.”– David Muncaster, Director of the Knutsford Little Theatre International One Act Play Festival, U.K.

AND… she will also be reading excerpts from her brand-new collection of plays, The Island Collection.  This is her first new collection of plays in seven years, and it was worth the wait!  Lesbian history, lesbian romance, trauma and drama…

“I’ve been a “theatre person” for 26 years, and I have never enjoyed reading plays… until The Island Collection. This is a collection that I could not stop reading… One simply does not see this caliber of female characters represented on stage or in commonly-studied scripts. Full of vulnerability, intelligence in all its forms, and indomitable strength, the women inhabiting these plays will walk away with your soul… A warning, though: do not pick up The Island Collection unless you are ready for your heart to be torn from your chest, poked, prodded, examined, then lovingly massaged and replaced, a whole new organ…“—Emily Stamets, coach for Women+ In Theatre and leader in the arts.

Learn more about Carolyn Gage here.