The Highlands Inn is closed

Dear Highlands Inn family and friends,

It’s time to say farewell.

We write today with heavy hearts to tell you that The Highlands Inn is closed. This is due to the pervasive negative economic impact that the worldwide pandemic has had on us since early 2020.

As you know, The Highlands Inn has been on the market since January of 2021. The Inn has been sold as a residence to a family who will not run it as a commercial property.

Since 1983, lesbians have been traveling from around the world to find peace, beauty, community, and safety at The Highlands Inn. For us, it has been a phenomenal nine years of welcoming guests into our home. We have truly enjoyed meeting and getting to know such wonderful people who share a love of women’s space.

We extend a special thank you to Grace Newman, the founding Innkeeper, who had the bravery and vision to create and sustain this Inn for so many years.

We thank our guests who have continued to support The Highlands Inn since we took over the reins in 2012. As many of you have heard us say, ‘without you, we would not be here’. We thank each and every one of you for giving us the opportunity to share this magnificent place with all of you. We hope we succeeded in making this a peaceful and safe space for all who have vacationed here. Our heartfelt thanks to our many friends from Canada who brought so much joy to us during their visits.

We are so grateful to all of the terrific musicians and performers who have partnered with us. We truly appreciate your willingness to share your amazing talents in our cozy and unique venue with our small yet enthusiastic audiences! These performances have moved and thrilled us, and there are moments we are sure we will never forget. (And thank you, thank you for the many times you sang ‘Leavin’ On A Jet Plane’ at our request. What fun!)

A final thank you goes out to our friends, parents, and family members, for their unwavering encouragement, love and support. More than once it kept us going.

So while we say farewell to our time here at the Inn, we know that the connections made here will live on. We hope that you will remember to support women owned businesses, artists, musicians as well as lesbian space, wherever you can find it, as you have done for The Highlands Inn for so many years.

Remember the joys and wonders of life can be found in the gatherings.

With love,

Gia, Jenny and Ellie

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