Carolyn Gage presents “The Obligatory Scene”

November 10, 2018

Carolyn Gage presents “The Obligatory Scene”

Carolyn Gage and Julia Reddy will be performing a reading of Carolyn’s one-act play  The Obligatory Scene.

The Obligatory Scene is a play about a young lesbian couple—a law school student and a theatre major, who are struggling with intimacy issues. It’s a funny, sometimes painful, deep and deeply radical exploration of one of the most taboo subjects in lesbian culture… so-called “lesbian bed death.” The play has been performed in Minneapolis and read in Madison, WI and Cork, Ireland. Playwright Gage is enthusiastic about the reading: “I look forward to presenting this work in an environment that is so warm and ‘family.’ The post-show conversations at the Highlands Inn are always so rich.”

“Poignant and thought-provoking… one of the strongest pieces of the festival…” –Aisle Say Twin Cities

“Frankly, it was nice to see a play with a lesbian couple who didn’t break up or die at the end for a change (oops, spoiler alert). Come for the convoluted, amusing emotional argument, stay for them actually staying together.” –Twin Cities Daily Planet