We are delighted to welcome you and your four-legged family members to The Highlands Inn! As you are planning your vacation, please review our dog guidelines as you determine whether you feel it would be appropriate to bring your dog.

There is one dog friendly space on the property, The Cottage, which is identified on our rooms and rates page by the paw print sign .  There is a maximum of one medium sized or two small dogs in The Cottage.

The room rate for your dog is $30 per night, per dog,

In the unlikely event that your dog damages any part of the room, you will be responsible for the damages. In addition, if your dog urinates in the room, you will be assessed a $50 cleaning fee, which will be charged to your credit card on file. We will inform you within 24 hours of checkout if this is necessary.

We will ask that you honor the following guidelines while you are here:

  • Your dog can be left unattended in the room only if you are certain he/she will not bark, whine, soil, or destroy property.
  • Many of our visiting dogs have taught us that it is difficult to be left in an unfamiliar room alone. We would prefer that you crate your dog while he/she is left unattended.
  • All dogs must be leashed while in public areas. This is for the protection and comfort of all guests and staff.
  • Your dog is not allowed inside the Main Inn, in the front driveway/yard of the Inn, or in the pool/hot tub area. If you need to pass the Main Inn to access our trail system, please leash your dog while you are passing.
  • We have miles of trails that you and your dog are sure to enjoy. Once on the trails, you are welcome to allow your dog to run off leash.
  • We will provide spare sheets, which we ask you to place over the bed and sofa/upholstered chairs.
  • For your convenience we have provided pooper-scoopers near all dog-friendly rooms. Please help keep our grounds beautiful by picking up after your dog.
  • Please place a dog in/dog out sign on your doorknob each day to let us know whether we can service your room. In order to ensure the safety of our staff, we are unable to service your room if your dog is inside.

Thank you for staying with us! We hope you and your dog will have a fun and safe vacation at The Highlands Inn. We thank you for respecting these guidelines, so that we can continue to welcome dogs at The Highlands Inn.

– Jenny, Gia, & Ellie