Since 1983, lesbians have been gathering at The Highlands Inn. The Inn has been home to commitment ceremonies, celebrations, weddings, vacations, and weekend getaways, and has been a cherished, sacred space to all who have gathered here. For decades, the Inn has provided a safe and precious space for lesbians, especially during a time when our safety and acceptance was rare.

Thankfully, lesbians and our families experience greater freedom and comfort in where we choose to relax, vacation, convene, and marry. As a result, we notice that many venues for lesbians have closed, or become “gay friendly”.

We feel that lesbian space continues to be valuable and necessary. Our goal is to continue to create a space where lesbians can feel not only accepted, but also embraced and celebrated. We hope to continue the long standing mission of The Highlands Inn, and provide a safe and joyous place for lesbians to gather and celebrate, for many years to come.

Because we feel so strongly about remaining a lesbian space, we are now appealing to our community for support. For years, the Inn has been surviving at best as a “break even” business. With an aging building, increasing operational costs, and now the significant decrease in revenue due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we have decided it is time to ask for help. If you are able, your donation will go directly to the cost of operating and maintaining the Inn.

Here are some suggested ways you can help:

  • Make a donation by clicking on the “donate now” button below.
  • Book your next reservation.
  • Tell your friends about the Inn.
  • Share and comment on our Facebook posts.
  • Purchase a gift certificate for yourself or a friend.
  • Purchase something from our on-line store.

We appreciate anything you are able to do to support us at this time. Every dollar will go towards keeping lesbian space alive.

With love and gratitude,
Jenny and Gia

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